The number of gambling people is raising every day. Statistics say that at the moment the average number of people in different types of online casinos is over 150 million. However, if you dig a bit further you will see that the number of winners is significantly smaller. So, that takes us to the conclusion that men and women gamble even when they are not gaining rewards.

In this article, we will try to answer the question: Why do people experience pleasure even if they are not winning and therefore continuing to play in some popular casinos like

Getting high even when low

The first reason has much to do with so-called gambling psychology and the nature of a bettor. With all the emotional effects that are main carriers of the behaviour:

  • Motivation - this is a complex subject helping us to understand all the main reasons for gambling. They mostly depend on various factors, such as gender, age, sex. However, the essence is similar. People tend to play online gambling games because of the entertainment, money, and because of the feeling they get while playing for real money.

  • Emotions - or better said, the roller-coaster of emotions when it comes to iGaming. The rush of emotions connected to playing is completely clear. On the other hand, what about emotions when losing? Why do people continue to play even when they do now win? It has a lot to do with the hormones. The brain sees these outcomes as a kind of excitement while our body is producing adrenaline and endorphins. So, we pull the slot handle again or choose a roulette number.

  • Control - High percentage of bettors know that they will lose in the long run. However, they still play and invest. Most of them have a plan set up that helps them to control the outcomes. For instance, they use the bank account with a certain amount of money on it and play until only that one is empty. But why do they play until the end and what it has to do with the control? Basically, they believe that the series of losses take them to win. After five losses they even can sense a kind of an excitement expecting the next round to be the winning one.

Pleasure not addiction

Note that this article does not support any form of gambling addiction. It is of high importance that you play responsibly and with the focus on entertainment. Always read carefully all the Terms and Conditions of a particular casino. Playing online casino games should be fun and that should be the primary goal of playing. Gambling must not be used as an escape from everyday problems nor as a thing that will make you filthy rich without an exception.

Beating the system

Players often think they can outsmart the gambling house both when winning and losing. The truth is, many machines are designed so they would think so. Scientists warn that software manufacturers use colours, sounds, and features that impact on behaviour. However, not only pieces themselves, rather than prizes are an important factor when it comes to playing when losing:

  • The number of potential prizes - this affects in a way where bettor strives towards potential rewards not carrying for all the losses. Bear in mind that only the number of bonuses plays a part. It isn’t the amounts and the type of betting. Online casinos use a couple of tricks to hold you after losing. Most popular ones are consolation prizes, like extra spins, bonuses, comp points, etc, and a chance to bigger next time. This is very appealing to passionate and high-roller gamblers.

  • The Small prizes logic - experience has shown that when you win even small, you often do not have a feeling that you have lost big up until that moment. This is a clear psychology. People tend to be happier after a series of lost rounds.

Do not gamble with the gamble

All the above-mentioned aspects do not mean you should never visit an online casino. On the contrary, those can offer some great entertainment, latest designs, and tons of fun. If you are lucky enough to gain a winning or two on that road, hey, more than great. However, keep both your expectations and emotions on a reasonable level and you should not have any problems enjoying.

Also, it is not a bad idea to inform yourself about the specific game, manufacturer, casino and see what are their grades and impressions before you start playing.  Sure, there is nothing big in playing after losing but do not lose your temper or the control next time you step into an online game empire.

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