On 8 May 2019, South Africans took to the polls for the country's 2019 National and Provincial elections. This is the 6th time that adult South Africans of all races were able to cast their vote since Apartheid was done away with in 1990.

Although the official final results are only being announced on Saturday, 11 May 2019, there is a way you can check South Africa's official election results as they are confirmed from each voting station.

Thanks to the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), the constitutionally appointed body to overlook and run elections in South Africa, there is a website from which anyone in the world can track election results as they are confirmed. The other great feature of the IEC's election results dashboard is the ability to download the data and even drill down to the voting district level to see how different neighbourhoods voted.

IEC South Africa's 2019 National and Provincial election results dashboard as at time of publishing.

Voting system concerns

South Africa's 2019 elections have generally been peaceful and smooth running except for some technical and process issues that have been raised.

Some people have reported that as a result of the scanners used to scan ID documents to verify a voter's identity and that they are eligible to vote not allegedly reporting to a central database, they were able to vote twice. More concerning has been claims that the inedible ink that is supposed to remain on for several days after one has voted, can easily be removed making it possible for some to vote again.

The IEC says it has noted the concerns raised and invites anyone with evidence to report to them. More importantly, they have said that they have other checks to ensure that a person can't vote twice beyond scanning an ID and applying inedible ink, along with having already made 20 arrests of those who have allegedly voted twice.

The IEC also has Android and iOS apps from which those interested can keep track of election results as they are confirmed.

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