Athletics, football, cricket, volleyball, and rugby are the most popular sports in Africa. Most African countries hold different competitions, championships, and leagues each year.

The unique sports talents in the continent have attracted established tech firms such as MTN and Standard Bank. You can wager on various African championships in Betway.

In this post, we present to you eight tech companies which are funding sport in Africa.

First National Bank

First National Bank is based in South Africa. It was among the few companies which sponsored the 2010 World Cup which South Africa hosted. Recently, the bank became the main financier of the Springboks, the national rugby team. Moreover, the bank sponsors different South African university sports such as athletics, hockey, and rugby.


Nedbank is a South African bank that supports various sports on the continent. For example, Nedbank Cup is a major tournament of South African soccer clubs. \

South Africa holds the Nedbank Golf Challenge in Sun City annually. It is a renowned European Tour competition.


Airtel is among the leading tech firms which support grassroots sports. It sponsors events in different countries including Chad, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Seychelles, and Uganda. Also, the company runs generic competitions and soccer academies such as the Airtel Rising Stars.

It offers 4G network which allows you to sign up in a Betway casino to play online games.


Globacom Limited started operating in Nigeria in 2003. Since then, it has been a major sponsor of soccer in the West African nation. The tech company has invested a lot of resources in supporting the Glo Premier League and Nigerian national teams.

MTN Group

MTN Group is a telecommunications firm based in South Africa. It is the largest mobile tech firm on the continent. MTN Group sponsors several top-flight African leagues. Recently, the telecommunication company collaborated with CAF to be the main financier of Springboks.

It has gained extensive brand exposure from rugby tournaments and AFCON. Betway allows punters to wager on different African sports such as athletics, rugby, and soccer.


French telecommunication companies such as Orange are popular in French-speaking African nations such as Senegal. The tech firm partnered with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) in 2009.

It signed an eight-year contract that entails financing top soccer leagues in CAF affiliated African countries. The French firm gained huge brand exposure that enabled it to start offering mobile services in English-speaking nations such as Ghana.

Standard Bank

Standard Bank is based in South Africa. It has been a major sponsor of AFCON for several years. The bank signed an eight-year contract with CAF that involves financing major soccer championships in the continent.


Samsung has been collaborating with CAF for more than ten years. The mobile manufacturer provides telecommunication devices and electronics during major soccer tournaments for a successful hosting. It has a Pop-Up stadium that offers ardent football fans a clear view during international tournaments such as AFCON. Samsung has been the major sponsor of the popular African soccer tournament since 2008.

Many African governments have invested heavily in sports. Some of them use it to get support from their citizens. Tech firms such as Airtel, MTN and Samsung finance certain sport events to increase their clientele. However, some companies finance sports as a corporate social responsibility.

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