Everyone around the world who uses Cloudflare to manage their DNS experienced β€œ502 Bad Gateway” for more than half an hour as a result of an error by Cloudflare. Initially thought to have been an attack of sorts on Cloudflare, the company came out stating that it was the result of a software misconfiguration mistake on their side.

The incident essentially shut down most of the web given that some popular websites such as Medium, 9gag, and CoinMarketCap use the service. You also can see this when you look at the company's System Status page when you look at the cities affected by the incident around the world.

"Starting at 1342 UTC today we experienced a global outage across our network that resulted in visitors to Cloudflare-proxied domains being shown 502 errors (β€œBad Gateway”). The cause of this outage was deployment of a single misconfigured rule within the Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) during a routine deployment of new Cloudflare WAF Managed rules. The intent of these new rules was to improve the blocking of inline JavaScript that is used in attacks. These rules were being deployed in a simulated mode where issues are identified and logged by the new rule but no customer traffic is actually blocked so that we can measure false positive rates and ensure that the new rules do not cause problems when they are deployed into full production. Unfortunately, one of these rules contained a regular expression that caused CPU to spike to 100% on our machines worldwide. This 100% CPU spike caused the 502 errors that our customers saw. At its worst traffic dropped by 82%."

Since then, the incident seems to have been resolved given that we, iAfrikan, also use Cloudflare and our website is now accessible.

"We recognize that an incident like this is very painful for our customers. Our testing processes were insufficient in this case and we are reviewing and making changes to our testing and deployment process to avoid incidents like this in the future."

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