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  • 01:37 - What does a digital music distribution company do
  • 14:54 - Catalyst for the growth of digital music in Africa
  • 21:50 - Why different streams pay different rates
  • 28:45 - Deezer's User Centric Payment System explained
  • 50:44 - Are music artists being exploited by record labels or are they mismanaging their careers?

The digital music business has undergone three phases in Africa, namely: the mobile phone ringtone/ringback phase, the digital downloads phase, and now the online streaming phase. Yoel Kenan, Founder, and CEO of Africori (an Africa-focussed digital music aggregation and distribution business) explains these phases and how, in most parts of Africa, the first phase is still prevalent.

This podcast spans the history of the digital music business, the role of distributors, discussion on music rights, and many more topics relating to Africa's booming music industry. Yoel also provides balanced and nuanced insights and further elaborates why in his view it is still early days as far as the digital music industry in Africa is concerned.

With experience of over 30 years working in the music industry for various major record labels, European radio stations, and many other music organizations, Yoel also takes some time to explain why the digital music industry is different in South Africa as compared to the rest of Africa.

Biography: Yoel Kenan

Yoel is the founder and CEO of Africori, a leading pan-African digital music distributor. Africori offers label services, digital distribution, synch licensing and publishing to artists, songwriters, labels and other music rights holders in Africa.

Yoel has over 30 years experience in the international music industry at senior executive level in the fields of A&R (Artist & Repertoire), marketing and business development at Universal, Sony-BMG and He began his career in France by organising concerts and setting up an independent record label before joining Universal Music.

He then moved to London to work at Universal Music International where he served in various positions in areas of marketing, A&R and digital. In 2001, he was appointed as the CEO of Europe, a leading digital music portal.

Podcast notes

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