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  • 02:35 - Life and mortality
  • 05:48 - The media industry and fake news
  • 15:47 - Rethinking media business models
  • 18:52 - Data is the new gold
  • 27:13 - The programmatic advertising problem

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It goes without saying that the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic during 2020 has been devastating for many businesses. Many businesses have announced downsizing measures while others have completely shut down.

The media industry has not been spared.

However, it has been interesting to observe as some media organizations have gone on to blame the pandemic for their troubles. In some cases, some of them have been slightly more honest in admitting that digitization, and their not being quick enough to understand the digitization trend, has led to some of the troubles they are experiencing now.

In this latest episode of The Tefo Mohapi Show podcast I caught up with Oresti Patricios, CEO of South Africa's Ornico Group, to discuss the state of the media industry. Oresti touches on the effect of fake news, programmatic advertising, and more.

We also talk about life and mortality.

Biography: Oresti Patricios

Oresti Patricios is the CEO of Ornico Group. He has been on the cutting edge of the media and advertising industries for a long time, from a teenager pioneering wedding videos in the 1970’s to doing his social media MBA at GIBS when Twitter was barely a twit he has always driven his vision of dominating African media and brand intelligence.

Founding Ornico Group in 1984, Oresti now leads an organization of more than 180 dedicated individuals that services the top 300 local advertisers – either directly or through their agencies – and various other private and governmental clients. Ornico partners with brands to provide insights and intelligence to help them grow their market share, in South Africa and across the African continent.

Opening offices in Nigeria in 2010 was a milestone - the first in a major African expansion. Ornico now operates in 14 Africa Countries, 5 of them are 100% owned, while the others are affiliates. The plan for Ornico Group to standardize media and brand measurement taxonomies across the continent and provides independent, timeous, relevant, and accurate brand insights.

Podcast notes

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