The age of e-mail arguably peaked several years ago, but the year 2020 seems to be just the right time when Kenyan print media organizations are catching up with e-mail technology. In the last few days, I have noticed that the Daily Nation is serving a pop-up notice on its website requesting that I sign up and receive "the latest news as it happens" in your e-mail.

The pop-up is on every page of the news website and doesn't disappear until you either sign up or click the tiny "I’m not interested" link.

The new Daily Nation e-mail newsletter subscription pop-up notice.

Another main stream news media website in Kenya, The Standard, has also followed suit, desperately asking for your e-mail address and talking of "supporting independent journalism."

The Standard's paywall pop-up notice.

I would not subscribe to any of those. I do not need any more email into my inbox which I won’t open anyway.

While I did not subscribe, I realized that The Standard went ahead to get my e-mail address from wherever and added me to their mailing list. From the screenshot below, you notice that the e-mail sent was delivered to my Spam folder, and you will also realize that:

  • They have a different domain name specifically for sending daily emails.
  • They seemed to have the name blank (Dear,) but they have the e-mail address.

I know for sure that The Standard knows that what they are doing is wrong. I know that they possibly have even my name and it is only that they cannot put it there and claim that they got both the email and name correct erroneously.

Whatever the case, let us welcome the Kenyan print media to the year 2000. In God we trust, everyone else bring data.

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