The face of betting has now undertaken many changes. From early forms of wager-making covering gladiators and animal fights, to the new digitalization of iGaming, there is plenty the betting industry has undergone to keep up with the times.

One of the most recent of these is betting’s move to online. Considering betting’s history, and the fact that it has been around since time immemorial, betting’s presence in the online space, while present now for roughly a decade and a half, is still fairly fresh considering the activity’s history.

With the rollout of the technological revolution, there is much we have played witness to. One of the most life changing and chief amongst them have been mobile apps, and it is no wonder that betting, in its efforts to keep up with the times, have embraced this, with many operators developing apps to boost their users’ experience on their platforms.

Betting apps are lauded for their convenience, and what you’re able to do on them. But for reasons that will be unpacked in this article, they are yet to take a foothold in one Africa’s leading tech locations; South Africa.

One of South Africa’s capital cities, Cape Town, has been recently quoted to be the tech capital of Africa. But why is it that Africa’s tech giants haven’t yet embraced one of betting’s more significant advances?

The first reason to be unpacked here is the fact that many of South Africa’s leading betting portals don’t in fact offer apps. Take Hollywoodbets for example. In terms of popularity, their website rivals that of Google and Facebook when it  comes to monthly searches, but the veteran bookmaker is yet to offer a betting app.

If we take a look at another big name South African betting operator, World Sports Betting, they too do not have an app that users can use.

So why is this? Firstly, betting platforms like the ones mentioned, have cutting edge mobile websites that rival even the most sophisticated apps of this kind. Furthermore, these mobile websites come packed full of unique features that often are enough to make users forget about apps altogether.

Another reason to explain the lack of apps in South Africa is the fact that many locals use android devices. It is estimated that more than 80% of South Africans choose android over iOS.

But why is this a considerable factor you may ask?

Because betting apps are not available on the app store available on android devices; the Google Play Store. Betting apps can usually be found on iOS app stores, but for Android users, the process that is required to download betting apps is far more complicated than just visiting the app store and clicking install.

In order to download betting apps, android users need to visit the betting site’s website, and download the app from there, often having to change a number of security settings before being able to get the process started.

While often a set of instructions are provided, these instructions don’t apply to all android devices, so those left with older android devices are left with a set of instructions that don’t apply to them.

Betting apps have yet to take a foothold in South Africa for two main reasons. Some of the country’s top betting operators have yet to offer betting apps, and even if they were to do so, the vast majority of their users would not be able to access these apps easily.

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