Egypt’s National Telecom Regulatory Authority has approved the first time use of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in its market.

VoLTE is an IP medium-based data transmission technology that delivers both call and data services over a 4G network. VoLTE provides high-definition quality phone calls by using LTE networks instead of legacy voice networks. Remarkably, VoLTE-VoLTE calls are crystal-clear, eliminating static background sounds.

LTE-enabled smartphones have a 15 million user penetration in the Egyptian market. The unlocking of VoLTE will accelerate communication & economic growth like never before. The adoption of VoLTE enables voice-over IoT for different consumer-to-business and business-to-business applications.

The number of global LTE connections has reached 3.3 Billion. Subscription will continue to grow stronger and stronger. Forecasters predict by the end of 2024, this number will have grown to 5.8 Billion, making up 60% of all mobile subscribers.

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