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Cultural Evangelist, 2D animator, programmer, Writer and Dreamer :-). Presently on a journey to create the next big thing.

Online Workers Are Getting A Raw Deal, With Far More People Seeking Work Online Than There Are Jobs Available

Online contract jobs are now helping millions in the developing world to make a living – but a study has uncovered a subculture of low pay, job insecurity and lack of redress against exploitation. The β€œGig Economy” works via online platforms where small jobs are put out to global tender. Sometimes

Teaching Children Digital Storytelling Using Afrikan Culture

On 16 June 2016 I was in South Africa running the Digital Storytelling Workshop in Johannesburg with kids from Protea South and Dikhabane Primary Schools, Soweto. After working with 26 kids to cook up the script, characters and voice overs with South African flavors, we finally had a cleaned up

Demystifying The Digital Storytelling Process Using Cartoons

Watch the cartoon video below. What did you make of it? What if I told you 75% of the cartoon story was done by a 6 and 4 year old in about 8 hours, would that change your perception? What if I added that prior to that day, David (6)

How We Are Creating Impact With African Stories Through Digital Storytelling

"A story is worth nothing without an audience." - Unknown That single quote captures the context to the first phase of our, Genii Games, Digital Storytelling showcase. In a previous article, I shared the background to the Digital Storytelling Showcase. Briefly, its primary aim is to inspire the

Some Lessons About Connected Societies From Johannesburg’s Hillbrow Neighborhood

As someone who always dreamed (and still dreams) of seeing the world, online travel advisory warnings mean nothing to me when I encounter the opportunities to fulfill those dreams. Rather, they appear to me as one of those tools the West publishes to remind itself of the differences between its

Digital Storytelling Workshop For Kids & The Focus On Drawing

First, a quick recap of how we got here. In session 1, David (6) and Daniel (5) were introduced to the Digital Storytelling Process. While they received an understanding of the six-stage process and how they connect, I also received practical lessons akin to teaching kids for dummies. Session 1

Using Digital Story Apps To Create Impact With African Stories

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." – Maya Angelou In December 2014, Genii Games’ showcased African stories to children at a local community in Lagos, Nigeria. It was an amazing experience where dozens of children turned up to watch our African stories projected