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Cultural Evangelist, 2D animator, programmer, Writer and Dreamer :-). Presently on a journey to create the next big thing.

Digital Storytelling & Teaching Kids Storyboarding

During the last session of the Digital Storytelling Workshop, David (6) and Daniel (5) worked to produce a written script after Blaze and the Monster Machines, the popular cartoon that plays on the Nickeledeon Jnr channel. The outcome was pretty impressive given Iā€™d only just introduced them to the

Unlearning To Learn Through Digital Storytelling

Prior to the Digital Storytelling Workshop, one would have thought with two years of experience working with Children across Summer Camps and Schools, Iā€™d learnt all there was to know handling Children. Well, with kids, you never stop learning especially given their varying levels of maturity, comprehension and other