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Alan Knott-Craig Jr

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Founder & CEO of Project Isizwe, a company facilitating the roll-out of free Wi-Fi networks across Africa, funded by municipalities. Founder of Ever Africa: eCommerce, games, education and telecoms.

How To Become An Angel Investor In South Africa (Or Anywhere In Africa)

There are two kinds of businesses you can invest in: Those with a variable cost of sale (consulting firms selling hours or retailers selling stock). Those without a variable cost of sale (Intellectual Property - IP - businesses). The former brings returns that are a function of capital employed, whilst

Venture Capital in Africa is Hard

Let's face it, Venture Capitalists (VC) donโ€™t invest in products or jockeys. Venture Capitalists invest in exits. That said, the only way to justify the high investment failure rate that a venture capitalist experiences is to have regular exits at valuations much greater than 10x. When taking into account

How To Develop an App Business

A friend recently asked me for some basic tips on how to develop an app business, this post is a summary of my e-mail to her. 7 High Level Tips Donโ€™t build it and expect customers to come. They wonโ€™t. Theyโ€™re busy. Sell it, then build it.

Impact of the Internet in Africa

Thereโ€™s really no hope for you if you still need convincing that access to the Internet is a good thing. Ultimately the internet is an empowerment tool. The Internet Advantage Its positive use can be experienced in fields such as education, employment, healthcare and generally as a stimulus to