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Web Engineer and Techpreneur.

Does WhatsApp UX Influence Romance?

Whatsapp disrupted texting as we used to know it, it’s UX has some unintended effects, but how has this influenced romance? I’m a sociologist by training, curiosity led me to the world of tech where I'm still chasing Morpheus’ white rabbit. Anyhow, social action has two effects, according

A Tech Storm Is Brewing In Kenya

A tech storm has been brewing in Kenya for a while, #UberTaxiWars, #NetflixInKenya regulation, Bitcoin at the crossroads are just some of the questions worth rethinking. The storm in a tea cup spilled over into the court of public opinion when taxi drivers declared war on Uber drivers. Tyres were

Netflix & Tulia - Challenges For #NetflixInKenya

Given their latest worldwide launch announcement, Netflix will have to deal with and solve some challenges in the Kenyan market. I was just taking a break from a coding sprint and peeked on Twitter trends in Kenya, the hashtag #NetflixInKenya caught my eye: as always, Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) are

What’s The Relationship Between Learning To Code, Harry Potter’s Parseltongue & The Biblical Tower Of Babel?

A rather late sequel to a Noob’s Guide To Programming Dear Reader, Like all good stories, the plot must be let to unfold over time, but as you already know, every story must have a set of characters who make us laugh, tense, sad, generally, they make the story

How Developing Economies Can Unlock The SIM Card As The Biggest App Store

Developing economies can leverage the humble SIM card to spur innovation that caters for all social classes. That tiny bit of plastic telcos sell you to get connected to their mobile network has been ignored by app developers almost to the point of oblivion. Out with the old, in with

Re-Thinking The Startup Model For Techprenuers In Emerging Markets

prag .ma.tic Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that’s based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. There’s a new world, far across the great ocean known as the internet: a land of opportunity where anyone can achieve their wildest dreams through code and with

A Future With Zero Coding And Self Programming Artificial Intelligence

A future with zero-coding. A future where product ideas can be translated into web and native apps by simply sketching the user interface (UI) on a screen and scribbling side notes on what you want the app to do. The Year Of Our Lord 2010 I was just starting out