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Egypt Approves First 4G VoLTE, Voice Call Technology

Egypt’s National Telecom Regulatory Authority has approved the first time use of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in its market. VoLTE is an IP medium-based data transmission technology that delivers both call and data services over a 4G network. VoLTE provides high-definition quality phone calls by using LTE networks instead

Insurtech startup Naked raises R160 million in Series A Funding

It's the largest investment yet made by Naspers, which is one of the largest technology investment companies in the world. With R1.4 billion ($96 million) in financial muscle.

Angola pushes ahead with Privatization Goals

Multitel, one of Angola’s biggest internet and data service providers, is looking for new private equity partners, as the Angolan state gives directive to sell its 90% majority stake in the ICT company. With a strong workforce of over 120 employees, the Angolan state holds a massive 90% in

Global Shortage of Computer 'brains' Chips

Semiconductors are the computer brains of electronic devices. Since the global pandemic in march 2020, the supply chain of computer chips found in mobile devices, TVs, cars, laptops, gaming consoles is in great shortage. A semiconductor is an intermediate substance in electrical conductivity between a conductor and insulator. Semiconductors are

Nigeria Extends SIM Card Registration Deadline

Nigeria's National Identity Policy for SIM Card Registration, approved and first published in 2020 mandates the compulsory registration of all SIM cards to access voice and data networks services. In a media statement released by the Nigerian National Communications Commission (NCC), the federal government extended the registration deadline to 31


#DataMustFall is the warcry that rallied many South Africans against the battle of exorbitant mobile data costs. The campaign caught public attention once it went mainstream on Twitter, thanks to the hashtag. In August 2017, this culminated in the initiation of an Inquiry into the Data Service Market. Spearheaded by

What you need to know about POPIA and PAIA

Lucien Pierce, Attorney at PPM Attorneys joins us in this episode of Tech Legal Matters. Lucien walks us through POPIA in full, providing in-depth insights on how compliance assessments are undertaken.