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The future of technology hubs in Africa

The future belongs to those tech hubs in Africa who’ll step out of the building to tackle inequality, diversity and fundamental social challenges.

HIV spreading faster than Internet access

The Internet now grabs the headlines in Africa, but the truth is HIV is spreading even faster.

Capital has no nationality

Capital is not patriotic, even some savvy African startup founders have domiciled their companies in tax-and investor friendly locations such as Delaware, Dubai, and Mauritius.

The West's unconscious bias against tech in Afrika

The West has an unconscious bias against technology in Afrika.

Betting on the Internet of Afrikan Things

The Internet of Afrikan Things   takes a different dimension. It sits at the intersection of electricity and Internet (just like its IoT contemporary).

This tax must fall

Ugandans are angry that the government has followed through with its threat to tax them for using social media, which the president, Yoweri Museveni, has on several occasions derided as a good for nothing rumor mill. Now they cannot, literally, puff curls of smoke that look like glistening halo emojis

What history teaches us about tax and anarchy in Uganda

Uganda's government is imposing a de minimis tax on mobile money to make a point that they have the power to impose such taxes and more if they wish to. Besides, the country is in dire need of more tax revenues amid glaring deficiencies to combat corruption, profligate expenses, and