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Many lives could be saved through the use of data science

Low-income regions are grappling with deaths from preventable causes including childbirth. A new project hopes to use data science to help identify those in need of interventions at the community level.

Accelerating Kenya's hardware startups

Gearbox, a hardware accelerator in Kenya, provides space, expertise and helps startups with seeking funding. It was founded by a Kenyan engineer, Kamau Gachigi.

Fighting illegal mining with drones

Illegal mining is reported to be a serious problem in Ghana that poses negative effects on the environment. Thanks to the use of satellite imagery and data collection, Ghana is able to curb illegal mining.

Electric cars could help cut air pollution in most Afrikan cities

Afrika need to boost the use of electric cars to help the continent address transportation-induced air pollution.

Innovative urban agriculture could increase food security

Using science, technology and innovation (STI) could help promote the use of urban agriculture to sustain food and nutrition security in Afrikan cities, experts say. The experts who specialise in agriculture, geography and urban planning say that urban agriculture has been neglected in urban planning and development agenda. Agricultural activities

Local solutions to tackle challenges facing Afrika's cities

Partnerships involving researchers, policymakers and industry should be promoted to help address challenges facing urbanisation in Africa and foster sustainable cities, a conference has declared. The conference on sustainable cities, which was held this month (3-6 July) in Ghana and attended  by experts mainly from the academic and government institutions,

Device for testing malaria without a need for drawing blood wins top engineering prize

An innovative device that tests for malaria without the need for drawing blood and a laboratory technician has won a 24-year-old Ugandan software engineer the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. The non-invasive innovation dubbed Matibabu, which means treatment in Swahili, is a low-cost, reusable device that clips onto a patient’