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A new journal dedicated to Afrikan research has been launched

A new peer-reviewed, open access inter- and multidisciplinary scientific journal to showcase African research known as Scientific African has been launched. The journal launched at the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) in Rwanda this week (26-28 March) aims to offer African researchers and scientists the opportunity to publish and showcase their

Afrika has inadequate and unreliable livestock data

Smallholders in Sub-Saharan Afrika could increase livestock productivity if efforts towards creating reliable data systems, especially on livestock diseases, are strengthened, experts say. The experts from academic institutions, government and the private sector from Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Australia, Canada, and Scotland told a forum in Kenya last month (20-22 February)

More data is needed to combat non-communicable diseases in Afrika

Addressing data gaps and strengthening of health systems could help Sub-Saharan Afrika reduce the rapidly rising burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), experts say. This was said during the third anniversary of Healthy Heart Africa (HHA), an initiative that aims to tackle hypertension and cardiovascular disease in Sub-Saharan Afrika. The experts

Afrikan policymakers’ low research uptake

Often, we hear lamentations over the lack of policymakers’ uptake of science, technology and innovation (STI) products. Most people, especially experts, argue that the two need to complement one another for rapid socioeconomic development in Africa, but that is not the case in many instances. "We need to establish intelligent

Geospatial Technology Such As Flood Monitoring Could Help Develop Afrikan Agriculture

Policies that promote the adoption of geospatial technologies such as remote sensing could help Sub-Saharan Afrika address key development challenges in the agricultural sector. This is according to a conference that took place in Kenya recently. The conference of Kenya-headquartered Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) that

Afrika's Open Data Revolution Faces Challenges

Sub-Saharan Afrika has numerous data revolution challenges such as little capacity and investment, thus limiting demands for using data to boost sustainable development. According to the inaugural Africa Data Revolution Report (ADRR), there is minimal or non-existent collaborations among data communities regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Afrika's Agenda

Afrika Needs More Research On The Science Of Solar Energy

Afrika needs more research on the science of solar to enable countries to make decisions on the adoption of solar radiation management (SRM). This was highlighted by experts explaining that SRM is a climate engineering technology that seeks to reflect sunshine using tethered balloons in order to reduce global warming.