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Columnist. Team leader and engineer at Truehost.

Kenya ranks poorly when it comes to privacy

From social media platforms, apps and software, operating systems and many productivity tools, a current business model is to offer the services for free and then make use of the users’ data. This has led to a carefree attitude towards privacy by users.

Kenya's music artists have to face the music

Kenyan music artists seem to be making everything but money. During August 2019, the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) disbursed royalties to music artists and each received a paltry $25.03 only.

Technologies that keep you addicted

Social media has a tendency of being addictive. As such, shouldn't it be regulated in the same manner that tobacco companies are regulated?

Kenya’s proposed new digital tax targets Big Tech

Kenya's government is looking to introduce a tax for companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix and more for all the income they generate in the country. However, already Google has stated that Kenya risks evoking trade wars.

How social media can be used to influence elections

Cambridge Analytica played an underhand and secretive role in elections around the world. From the USA's presidential elections, the UK's Brexit referendum, to even the Kenyan general elections. Social media can easily be used to influence elections.

Kenya’s primary school laptops project failed

Kenya once had a project to give each primary school pupil a laptop. Six years after the project was announced and three years after the implementation was started, the project was silently retired.

Beginners guide to doing business on the Internet

Have you been wondering how you can get started with doing business online? Check out this introductory quick guide on some of the essentials.