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Columnist. Team leader and engineer at Truehost.

A few ways Safaricom can protect M-Pesa users

During October 2019, Safaricom announced a new strategy as it turned nineteen, promising to be simple, honest and transparent across all its products and operations. Perhaps, M-PESA customer challenges are the perfect place that they can start applying that new ethos.

Closing corruption loopholes in Kenya by using digital technology

When Kenya's Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning decided to digitize parts of their operations that involved cash payments, the revenue generated annually increased by a whopping 1,125%. This is thanks to the digitization of their processes.

Africa has the potential to be a producer of digital technology

Africa is generally plagued by many problems, key among them being poverty. However, the continent has great potential. Here are a few key factors that hold the promise of a better future for Africa.

A good lesson from Kenya on having control in business

Most businesses do not succeed because some stakeholders who don't have equity steal from the business. This highlights the importance of owners have full control and awareness of what is happening in their operations.

Building a cyber-resilient Kenya

Cyber attacks on Kenya doubled so far during 2019. Kenya Computer Incident Response Team revealed that they have so far intercepted 52 million cyber-attacks targeting critical infrastructure in Kenya during 2019 so far.

How Kenyans are getting conned by fake Internet ads

With more and more people gaining access to the Internet, more people are also using the Internet to scam others. In Kenya, there is a rise of fake online ads that con people out of their money.

4 Reasons why you are struggling to monetize your startup or side hustle

The world is full of so many people who have great products, but cannot make money out of them. Here are some of the reasons you possibly are not able to monetize your startup or side hustle.