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Background in civic activism and works at the intersection of governance, communication, & citizen action. In 2019, announced as an Atlantic Fellow for Racial Equity. Also an Obama Foundation fellow.

Technology is not the answer to all problems

There appears to be a continued desire to throw in technology to address what are often complex, systemic problems or misdiagnosed problems. People continue to behave as if technology is a magical fix.

Guarding against internet overlords

The duopolistic Mastercard and Visa payment processor hegemony poses a huge threat to the internet, while over the last few years, the dangers of the power held by Big Tech and governments have been under scrutiny - they shouldn't be the only ones.

Impact of digital technologies on the civic space

As the recent Uganda elections example affirms, digital technologies are not going anywhere, and unless we act now, they will continue to be used by repressive governments and other actors to not only maintain the status quo but also erode the gains being made by people to challenge this.

Today's Technology Innovation Hubs Are Simply An Evolved Way Of Privatizing And Cashing On Societal Failures

The successes of startups such as Slack, BuzzFeed, Flipkart and others that have come to dominate the on-demand economy such as Uber and Airbnb are an integral part of the origin story of modern startup culture – a culture that is often sold using the stories of individuals who quit something