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Lorenzo Fioramonti

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Full Professor of Political Economy, University of Pretoria.

Alternative currencies are the future

When I began to teach in 2012, I decided to start my course with an analysis of how money affects social order. What my students found particularly fascinating was the then-nascent world of cryptocurrencies, which I described at length as a crucial feature in the future of money. Some colleagues

The โ€˜Afrika risingโ€™ narrative was based on faulty logic but it can be fixed

Until a couple of years ago, all financial institutions and investment banks were celebrating โ€˜Africa Risingโ€™, in a symphony of compliments that should have cautioned any reasonable African leader as well as citizens on the continent. But what did they really mean when they were saying that Africa was rising?

Creating jobs in the age of robots and low economic growth

The growth economy suffers from a productivity paradox. Corporations compete to reduce the time and effort that goes into production processes, which is generally seen as a sign of efficiency, but in reality has a troubling outcome. Unless more stuff is produced and consumed, people lose their jobs as the