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Mbugua Njihia

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Head of Business and Partnership at Sure Corporation a data and technology company transforming mass transit, insurance and advertising in Kenya.

Spreadsheets are the oracles of business truth

From the business owner running a lean operation with a small team to the multinational with revenues in the billions, advanced operational spreadsheet knowledge is an indispensable skill that can deliver great benefits if mastered.

Kenya's payments silver bullet

We have all felt the immediate shock of key payment utilities going offline, whether as a consequence of ad-hoc system issues or scheduled maintenance. Here is a proposal on how they can be avoided.

Irrational capital

Irrational capital understands that bookkeeping, governance, streamlined daily operations et cetera can be paid for and that the ‘soft issues’ account for a lot more than credit for them is given and should be where the focus is.

The problem with the gig economy

The gig economy has taken the world by storm. It has opened up multiple revenue streams for talent that is now able to choose when to work, but it also depressed market prices, increased competition, uncertainty and job insecurity outside the moat of regular employment.

Opportunities still exist in Kenya's FinTech ecosystem

No one in Kenya's FinTech supply chain and ecosystem has quite figured out how to remove or mitigate all points of resistance, which means that there is still room for others to come in and create different flavours of value that will resonate with consumers.

Gaming is transforming entertainment

As Internet connectivity has improved and hardware becomes faster, the gaming industry has not only kept pace but truly transformed entertainment and commerce with immersive experiences that have millions around the world hooked and paying up.

Using digital technology for storytelling

Attaining trust should be at the core of every media agenda and it is the currency that drives agency and ownership of actions, with consumers now better empowered to get a pulse for authenticity.