Mbugua Njihia

Mbugua Njihia

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Head of Business and Partnership at Sure Corporation a data and technology company transforming mass transit, insurance and advertising in Kenya.

The age of distractions

Good work requires uninterrupted time and focus and sometimes technology does get in the way.

Android's effect on the mobile industry

With their purchase of Android in 2005, Google has changed the world of smartphones.

Open platform thinking is important for business growth

Digital platform’ if deployed correctly and made sufficiently open have a net growth effect on the addressable market, even in crowded spaces.

We need to build out Afrika’s second-last mile cloud infrastructure

Afrika, in general, needs stable, high availability platforms that can scale.

Privacy in the age of terrorism

In some cases, states can use the multitudes of data collected to help with the fight against terrorism.

Kenya's personal data conundrum

Kenya's government wants to enrich its citizen database with biometric, GIS, and DNA data among others.

Kenya needs proactive regulation of the mobile handsets market

Given fake mobile devices in the market and some manufacturers harvesting data from phones without consent, Kenya needs to consider regulation of this market urgently.