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Head of Business and Partnership at Sure Corporation a data and technology company transforming mass transit, insurance and advertising in Kenya.

Technology And Fake News Are Being Used To Influence Kenya's 2017 General Elections

With approximately a month to the 2017 general elections in Kenya, I am shocked, but not surprised, at the flavor of content that is surfacing on the Internet. The content is sponsored boldly on Ad networks, shared covertly via social media and also going viral on various instant messaging platforms

The Diversity Conundrum In Technology

When global business and technology leaders sneeze, all ecosystems that look up to them inadvertently catch a cold. The current flu doing rounds is one called diversity and it has caused those of us in the Silicon Savannah to take a hard look inward at the manifest symptoms of deficiency.

What Place Does Online Privacy Have In The 'Digital First' Age?

We are digital exhibitionists, a society crazed with placing bits and pieces of our personal lives online for all and sundry to indulge in, chasing the fickle like, thumbs up or re-tweet. The global platforms on which we share our intimate selves are loving it, more fodder for their advertising

Three Problems Choking Afrika’s Technology Entrepreneurs

The proper way to build a business is to figure out how to sustainably scratch a perpetual itch and in Africa we have no shortage of opportunities or brains that apply themselves toward that pursuit. As technology fashioned by Africa’s techpreneurs continues to be produced and taken to

3 Concerning Issues Regarding Kenya's Information Communication Technology Practitioners Bill

It is already hard enough running a legitimate technology inclined business in Kenya, even at a time when we know that smart and sustainable deployment of technology will deliver dividends across all industry sectors in our bid to attain Vision 2030 and beyond. Then, BAM! From the blindside comes "

How Voice Technology is Transforming FinTech

Voice is the mainstay of many mobile telecommunications service providers, providing the bulk of their revenues alongside SMS. However, voice services have come under siege with the growth of OTT - Over The Top service providers - who provide similar services at a fraction of the cost. As a channel

How "Old" Technology Still Runs The World

Things are highly abstracted by modern day technology and we tend to assume that certain technology is dead simply because it is invisible to us. These days almost everything exists as a service and with a series of clicks and a payment, you have access to dashboards and application programming