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South Africa's smartphone market grew

A new report states that South Africa's smartphone shipments grew by 7% in 2018 as compared to 2017. Although Samsung is still the leading smartphone brand despite dropping shipments by 1%, Mobicel comes in at a surprising second place at 16%.

Huduma Namba ready in a month

Kenya's government has said that it will start issuing unique Huduma Nambas to citizens in a month. Thereafter electronic cards containing a citizen's data will will be issued, these will contain all data held by different government organizations in Kenya.

Africa's growing smartphone market

According to a new report released about the smartphone market in Africa and the Middle East, over 70% of the total smartphones sold in the region during the first quarter of 2019 were in the sub-$150 price segment.

Vodacom appeals license withdrawal

Vodacom Congo has appealed to the country's top court to reverse the directive requiring it to renew and pay for a 2G license. This comes after a directive issued by the DRC's government in April 2019 saying that there was an irregular extension granted during 2015.

Nigerians arrested for Indian cybercrime

In what is being reported to be one of India's biggest cyber crimes, 3 Nigerians and 4 Indians were arrested for allegedly hacking into and transferring money out of over 2,500 bank accounts in India.

Showmax rolls out sports live streaming

A few days after rolling out live streaming of sports to a randomly selected group of customers, Showmax has now rolled out the feature to all South African customers. Initially, South Africa's games in the ICC Cricket World Cup and the SuperSport Rugby Challenge matches will be streamed live.

App to reunite families in South Sudan

The United Nations children’s agency (UNICEF) and the charity Save the Children have launched an app in South Sudan that should help with re-uniting parents with their children who they were separated from during the country's 5-year war.