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Rwanda to possibly issue national digital currency

The National Bank of Rwanda has announced that the East African country is looking into the possibility of introducing a national digital currency. One of the main concerns, however, is that of fraud.

Google clamps down on predatory personal loan apps

Google has published new guidelines for personal loan apps that want to be available via its Play Store. Among some of the notable terms is that apps that require full repayment within 60 days or less will be banned.

Uganda and Rwanda agree to unblock news websites

Rwanda and Uganda have agreed to unblock news websites of each others country's. This follows President Kagame and President Museveni signing a peace agreement in Angola to end a 2 year diplomatic stand-off.

Egypt blocks two news websites

Egypt's Supreme Media Council, which was formed following the introduction of a new law for online publications in 2018, has issued an official order for 2 news websites to be blocked. The websites are accused of publishing fake news about Huawei.

Madagascar is using drones for medical deliveries

A pilot project in Madagascar uses drones to help with the fight against tuberculosis. The drones are used to collect samples and deliver medical supplies to remote villages.

Don’t ban new technologies

Silicon Valley’s CEOs aren’t always sympathetic characters. and “disruption” really can be disruptive. However, banning new emerging technologies is not the solution.

Facebook expands fact-checking programme

Facebook with Africa Check announced that it has added new local language support for several African languages as part of its Third-Party Fact-Checking programme. This will help to assess the accuracy of news on Facebook.