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Some say he is "Unique". Some say he is just like everyone else. All we know is, he is the Room Thinker.

You Want To Be A Millionaire But You're Lazy

“I want to be a millionaire".” “I want to be promoted to CEO.” “I want to run my own company.” “I want to retire by 40.” “I want to do my masters degree.” That’s you, right? Lofty dreams. Lofty ambitions. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ![Who Wants

Hacking M-Pesa - Transactions Data Mining

There is nothing wrong with data mining. Most serious companies hire a guy like me to crunch their data and give them new, non-obvious insights. They will get insights like: How to target your products Which to discontinue Which to invest in Whether an advertising campaign is working Usage patterns

Does Being Online Make Media Digital?

Let us consider a newspaper. Publishing a newspaper has certain constraints like the following; Size: Most newspapers are A4. This places some limits on content. Pages: Newspapers have a finite number of pages per issue, usually constrained by costs of production. This places another limit on content. Frequency: Newspapers are