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Reporting forced evictions in Kenya

Some people in Kenya who are facing forced evictions are using an app to help provide evidence and demand actions.

East Afrika's universities are not engaging well with the extractive industry

The disconnect between industry and higher learning institutions, especially the universities, is hampering capacity building in natural resources exploitation for socioeconomic development of East Africa, experts say. A conference to be held in Kenya next week (15-18 May) aims to facilitate networking and sharing of experiences among key actors in

Afrika should value job creation and environmental protection

Afrikan countries need to embrace circular economy to lessen waste production and pollution whilst promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable growth, experts say. Circular economy — the concept of reducing and reusing waste — could help the continent solve environmental challenges, according to the 2nd Next Einstein Forum held in Rwanda last month

Afrika is slow in creating digital health innovations

The lack of prioritisation of digital innovations in health systems could make it difficult for Africa to attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a forum has heard. The 3rd Annual Aid and International Development Africa Summit held in Kenya last month (27-28 February) noted that Africa is slow in integrating

Creating and using local data for socioeconomic growth

Afrika’s tendency of not using locally generated big data is stifling efforts to tackle socioeconomic challenges such as food insecurity, health and climate change, a meeting has observed. The 8th Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) annual scientific and health conference that was held last month (14-16 February) in Kenya

Women role models are needed to encourage girls to pursue STEM careers

Catherine Jane Ngila, a professor of applied chemistry, was awarded the best woman scientist in South Africa in the physical sciences in August 2016. She also became the African Union Kwame Nkrumah best woman scientist in the East African region in January 2017. SciDev.Net interviewed Ngila last week (28

Gender stereotypes should be eliminated to encourage more women in STEM fields

Eliminating gender stereotypes in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) could aid sustainable development in Afrika, a forum says. During an event held in Kenya last week (12 February) to celebrate the international day for women and girls in science, experts called for more action from key actors including Afrikan