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Emerging technologies punted as solutions for Africa's problems

New report identifies gaps in Africa’s use of digital platforms for solving challenges. It calls on governments to invest in digital platforms for sectors such as finance and health.

Identifying the most economic energy technologies across Africa

When it comes to clean energy, research shows that wind energy systems are only economically favourable in the horn of Africa — Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia — because of the high average wind speed in this region of Africa.

Satellite images help create land use maps in Tanzania

Researchers used satellite images to create land use maps in rural parts of Tanzania. This approach guides future land use and reduces disputes among land owners.

Francis Kantavooro, an innovator in Ghana, is turning waste plastic into liquid fuel

Francis Kantavooro's technology which turns plastic waste into liquid fuel presents a golden opportunity for Ghana to deal with its plastic waste challenge in a way that makes economic sense.

Many lives could be saved through the use of data science

Low-income regions are grappling with deaths from preventable causes including childbirth. A new project hopes to use data science to help identify those in need of interventions at the community level.

Accelerating Kenya's hardware startups

Gearbox, a hardware accelerator in Kenya, provides space, expertise and helps startups with seeking funding. It was founded by a Kenyan engineer, Kamau Gachigi.

Fighting illegal mining with drones

Illegal mining is reported to be a serious problem in Ghana that poses negative effects on the environment. Thanks to the use of satellite imagery and data collection, Ghana is able to curb illegal mining.