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Marek Zmyslowski's new tell-all book sets the record straight

In his new tell-all book, Chasing Black Unicorns, Marek Zmyslowski sets the record straight on some of the controversy that followed him when running an online travel startup in Nigeria. He also writes about some of the lessons learned as a tech entrepreneur targeting African markets.

Bosun Tijani talks about the acquisition of Kenya's iHub

To understand a little bit more what the acquisition of Kenya's iHub means, we conducted a Q&A with Bosun Tijani, CEO of Nigeria's Co-creation Hub.

Nigeria's Co-creation Hub has acquired Kenya's iHub

Nigeria's CcHub has announced its acquisition of Kenya's iHub marking the first time in Africa that a tech hub has acquired another. The two tech hubs are arguably two of the most prominent and longest running hubs in Africa.

Seni Sulyman explains what's happening at Andela

According to Seni Sulyman, Vice President of Global Operations at Andela, the company started noticing problems with placing junior level engineers in 2016. As such, they have now resorted to hiring more experienced engineers.

Andela lays-off hundreds of junior developers

Andela is laying off hundreds of junior developers. This can definitely not be attributed to a lack of funds but possibly overestimating the demand for junior developers or the quality of developers.

Making music streaming more fair

Instead of the regularly used market share-based payment system that is widely used in the music streaming industry, Deezer wants to educate listeners on how UCPS benefits music artists more.

Using WhatsApp to encourage reading

FunDza has announced their partnership with to make their reading content available through WhatsApp. Anyone will be able to access South African stories, plays, blogs, poems and more via WhatsApp.