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Exxaro targets digital transformation of women

South African mineral resources company, Exxaro, has partnered with Ebonoko Foundation, Rebone Investment Holdings and Social Coding SA to expand the number of South African women who benefit from the digital transformation currently taking place in the world and South Africa.

Nigeria's TechAdvance secured $1 million in funding

TechAdvance, a payments application development company founded in 2009 with a strategic focus in developing and deploying niche payment companies to serve the needs of large public and private sector organisations in Nigeria, has announced that it has secured $1 million in funding.

Dimakatso Gumede the Stem Cell reprogramming expert

Dimakatso Gumede is one of a handful of South Africans who can reprogram Stem Cells. She aims to use her skills to find new approaches to eliminate HIV reservoirs in infected persons, among other things.

Buhle Goslar on financial inclusion in Africa

Buhle Goslar, the newly appointed CEO for Africa at JUMO, spoke to iAfrikan about the company's future plans, financial inclusion and more. JUMO has to date raised over $100 million from investors such as Goldman Sachs and others. JUMO is Africa's largest FinTech startup.

South African PC innovation

Luyanda Vappie and Motsholane Sebola have developed a small personal computer that requires no physical keyboard, mouse or monitor. Known as Prism, it has 2GHz CPU, 64GB on-board memory, wireless LAN and more.

Using AI to promote African tourism

An online campaign that has won the Cannes Lions creative data award encourages African-Americans to Africa. It does this by replacing the derogatory "Go Back To Africa" phrase with images of black people touring Africa.

Thousands applied for Jack Ma's Africa Netpreneur Prize

Over 9,000 African startups applied for Jack Ma's Africa Netpreneur Prize according to organisers. They stand a chance to win a share of the $1 million grant by the Jack Ma Foundation.