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Huawei customers get 90-day grace

Huawei smartphone users have a 90-day grace period under which they will still receive Android updates and be able to use Google's apps.

Class action lawsuit filed against JUMIA

At least 4 class action lawsuits have been filed in New York against JUMIA Technologies for allegedly misleading American investors.

High order returns are normal - JUMIA

JUMIA reported impressive numbers and states that 41% order returns are just a normal feature of an e-commerce business.

JUMIA shares down 20%, labeled a fraud

Citron Research has published a report showing that JUMIA overstated its customer numbers and other material discrepancies when filing with the SEC.

Transfer $212 million, pay $4 in fees

This Bitcoin whale transferred 40,000 BTC (approximately $212 million) and only got charged $3.93 in transaction fees.

Spotify now has 100 million paying users

Spotify has reported it now has 100 million premium subscribers.

Benin's government has shut down the Internet during elections

With parliamentary elections which exclude all opposition candidates kicking off on 28 April 2019, Benin's government has decided to shut down the Internet amid protests.