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Tunisian civil society member, a blogger and a software engineering student interested in two main fields: transparency and internet governance.

Looking at Viva Tech 2018 from an Afrikan perspective

From 24 to the 26 May 2018, technologists, investors, government representatives and top business leaders came together in Paris, France for VivaTech 2018. The conference was a three-day event dedicated to technology and innovation. In its third edition, VivaTech gathered 80,000 visitors and gave the opportunity to 8,000

6 Ways Young People Can Join The Internet Governance Discussion

It’s quite a known fact that young people use the Internet more than older generations. Yet, their presence in the Internet governance and policy making processes is not adequate to say the least. Bringing youth into Internet governance and policy making discussions won’t only allow better representation to

Young Tunisian Coders Academy Co-founder Kyane Kassiri Talks About Teaching Kids How To Code

Tunisian youth are hard at work making their country a better place as part of their civic contribution. It’s inspiring to watch as the initiatives that these young leaders have put in place flourish and improve their country. Kyane Kassiri is one such young leader, and he is the

4 Enriching Lessons Learned At Harvard University's #WeCode2016

I attended #WeCode2016 conference in March 2016. Over 400 young people with interest in computer science were gathered at Harvard University (Northwest Labs) to learn, share and network with other women working in technology. Without further introduction, let me share with you the thoughts I had after such an enriching

Arab Internet Governance Forum 2015: What Remains?

2015 was a busy year for Internet governance. It was packed with events, meetings and considerably important decisions related to the field, and December was not an exception. While everyone was attentively following WSIS+10 High-Level Meeting related activities and discussions, Beirut hosted the Arab Internet Governance Forum (Arab IGF)

Campaign For Better Internet In Tunisia

Complaining about expensive prices and bad services is definitely the most common thing anyone would hear in Tunisia, this includes the internet. In fact, the internet is not only a tool to gather people for a cause, organize boycott campaigns or even protests. The Internet and more precisely slow internet