02:53 The impact of globalization on culture

12:55 How the education system contributes to the sytemic eradication of African cultures

28:08 What is a Sangoma?

01:05:09 Challenges faced by music artists

01:12:38 The legal side of music

Nothando Migogo is arguably one of the foremost knowledgeable and experienced people across Africa when it comes to understanding copyright licensing in the creative industries. She has spent the last decade leading copyright licensing organisations, most recently as CEO of the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO). She has made a significant impact on the music royalty collection landscape both in South Africa and the African continent.

Naturally, she was the person I sought to speak to when it comes to understanding the legal side of music as well as seeking the answer to the perennial question: "why do South African music artists die poor?" However, as important, given Nothando's wide-ranging experience, I also talk extensively to her about culture and especially about how most African cultures have taken a "backseat" as Western colture continues to be a dominating culture.

We also talk about, as I was curious to find out, how she is able to practice as both a sangoma and an attorney. As well as how she navigates the negative connotations many people have about sangomas.


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