4th Industrial Revolution

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Emerging technologies can be a force for good in Africa

The emerging relationship between new technologies and Africa may be some of the most promising news for the continent. Only if developments “from above” and “from below” involve and satisfy the whole population.

South Africa is caught up in the Fourth Industrial Revolution hype

The WEF’s appropriation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution concept has arguably been one of the most successful lobbying and policy influence instruments of our time. The notion of a 4IR might be a convenient way of packaging history and of mobilising people.

The difference between Artificial Intelligence and automation

Artificial Intelligence is often confused with automation, yet they are fundamentally different.

Good digital identity principles for Africa

Digital identity systems in Africa could unlock as much as 6% GDP growth, and up to 50% of that economic value can go straight into the hands of citizens.

Coding must be compulsory at all levels - President of African Development Bank

“Coding must be compulsory, at all levels. The currency of the future is going to be coding…We must democratize technology,” - Akinwumi Adesina, President of AfDB.

Technology doesn't kill job opportunities - Egypt's Minister of ICT

Speaking at a digital technology summit held in Cairo, Amr Talaat (Minister of ICT in Egypt) has come out to state that technology, in light of the fourth industrial revolution, doesn't kill job opportunities.

What 5G means for you

There's a lot of hype around 5G, here is what it is all about.