4th Industrial Revolution

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Emerging technologies are forcing big companies to innovate

For big companies, the oncoming era will require new skill sets, technologies, alignments and business models.

Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on the engineering sector

While many people fear losing relevance in the 4th Industrial Revolution, the work of engineers will remain valuable.

Digital technology sector could lift South Africa out of recession

South Africa's digital technology sector shows greater potential to not only lift flagging industries to new levels of prosperity, but to emerge as a powerhouse sector in its own right.

Artificial Intelligence transformation in Afrika

Are paying attention to Afrika's Artificial Intelligence transformation?

Sorting out the real from the unreal when it comes to the 4th Industrial Revolution

We can't simply try to work out what's going to happen during the 4th industrial revolution.

Digital government is not working

Donor-driven e-government projects in developing countries often attempt to transplant what was successful elsewhere. But success requires buy-in from locals – both governments and citizens alike.

For 5G to succeed it needs fiber

5G has been getting a lot of press coverage lately, with the first pilot network in South Africa already being tested and a commercial network running in Lesotho.