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AfriLabs expanded into 6 new countries

AfriLabs has added new member tech hubs from Guinea, Mauritius, South Sudan, Libya, Tunisia and Botswana. This brings AfriLabs total membership to 158 hubs in 45 African countries.

AfriLabs reaches a significant milestone

AfriLabs, the network of technology and innovation hubs across Afrika, has reached a significant milestone of having a total of a 100 technology and innovation hubs as members of its network. This is because it recently admitted an additional 40 new hubs to its network. This now means that AfriLabs

AfriLabs Announces 7 New Member Technology Hubs To Its Pan Afrikan Network

AfriLabs has announced the addition of 7 new tech hub members. With these 7 new additions, AfriLabs also increases its footprint in Afrika with an extra 3 new countries - Sierra Leone, Somalia and Djibouti. The new member hubs are: GE Garage, Nigeria Ecolia Labs, Cameroon Kumasi‚ÄčHive, Ghana iRise