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Africa's Farmers get access to zero carbon irrigation technologies

A new partnership will help African farmers to rapidly increase yields for many crops with zero carbon irrigation while not suffering from increasing fuel costs which limit their incomes.

Internet app improving fish farming

In Western Kenya, farmers are tapping into Liquid Telecom’s innovative Internet of Things network to monitor and protect freshwater fish populations to counter the reducing fish catches.

Digital technologies are transforming African businesses

Digital technology has created new opportunities for businesses in Africa to compete on a more equal footing. However, these businesses have yet to enjoy the full benefits.

Is Nanotechnology a blessing or a curse for developing nations?

Nanoparticles are increasingly being explored for boosting crops and nutrition. Experts say global regulation of nanotechnology is needed, especially to protect developing nations.

Precision agriculture is key for Africa

Precision agriculture is about using real-time information to ensure that crops, water, fertiliser, pesticides and soil are managed in a manner that produces the optimal yield while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Technology can help Africa's farmers

Digitisation could change the game for agriculture in Africa. Digitisation includes the delivery of agronomic advice and information via text messaging and interactive voice response.

Digital solutions to transform Africa’s agriculture

About 33 million users are registered on digital platforms to boost agriculture in Africa. However, only 40 per cent are actually using the platforms.