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App helps farmers in Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda

A smartphone app, GeoFarmer, has been pilot-tested in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda to help farmers with data collection and sharing.

Open platform thinking is important for business growth

Digital platform’ if deployed correctly and made sufficiently open have a net growth effect on the addressable market, even in crowded spaces.

Digital technology in agriculture is transforming lives

Use of digital technology in agriculture is empowering African smallholders but challenges remain.

Technology isn’t always a route to progress

A cloud of questions hangs over the promise of technology.

Meat grown in labs could cut greenhouse gas emissions

Climate smart food systems are needed to tackle food crises and climate change.

Why some cows like Knickers grow to become so big

An Internet-breaking 6'4" steer isn't the only animal to reach gigantic proportions.

Technology alone wont solve the food security problem

Technology alone won’t secure our food supplies.