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Russia to fine Internet companies

As part of a new law that is being drafted in Russia, Big Tech companies along with other online services from around the world will be fined for not complying with laws including one of hosting their servers and Russian users data, locally, in Russia.

Big Tech's spying a threat to democracy

Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, compete over who can gather the most intelligence on their users. Countries like Russia and China turn this information against their citizens. The online surveillance of citizens is a potential threat to democracy.

Big Tech firms aren’t honest with us about all the data they collect

If you're worried your phone is recording your private conversations, look closer at the data you've already agreed to give away.

Big Tech has never deserved our trust

Scholars and skeptics warned about Facebook long before its founder was even born. Technology companies keep asking for more and more data and proving they can't be trusted.

Amazon to open data centers in South Africa

AWS data centers to be opened in South Africa.

The post 4th Industrial Revolution economy

The world around us is changing rapidly and almost every single business model is impacted by the new digital economy. The meteoric rise of the Big Tech firms has established them as the dominant new business models in the post 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) economy. Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft,

The reason why Afrika needs an Afrikan cloud

For organizations in Afrika to truly reap the benefits of cloud and shared data center services, local data centers need to be developed and deployed. This will not only address the issue around data sovereignty, but also stimulate local economic development and improve the lives of citizens using by widely