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The darker side of personal digital assistants

When hosting a dinner party, are you obliged to let your guests know that you own a smart device like Amazon Echo or Google Home? The answer is yes, according to a privacy researcher.

How much is your personal data worth?

Have you ever thought how much your data is worth to Big Tech companies like Facebook? One research study estimated that a user’s Facebook profile was worth about $100 on average.

Steve Jobs "cast spells" to save Apple

According to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs was a master wizard who could cast spells to mesmerize people and have employees working harder and longer hours. Gates revealed this in an interview on CNN.

Trump is wrong on Chinese exports

When you crack open an Apple iPhone. you’ll begin to see why US President Donald Trump and his ongoing trade war with China doesn’t make sense. The components of an iPhone add up to a different cost than the phone itself.

Iconic designer Jony Ive leaves Apple

Jony Ive, the person responsible for the look of Apple's most iconic products such as the iPhone, has resigned. Ive has started his own design company with Apple as his first client.

Big Tech's spying a threat to democracy

Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, compete over who can gather the most intelligence on their users. Countries like Russia and China turn this information against their citizens. The online surveillance of citizens is a potential threat to democracy.

Apple has brought back the iPod Touch

After 4 years of absence, Apple has re-launched the iPod Touch. The only changes are an improved processor and it runs iOS 12.