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Big Tech's spying a threat to democracy

Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, compete over who can gather the most intelligence on their users. Countries like Russia and China turn this information against their citizens. The online surveillance of citizens is a potential threat to democracy.

Apple has brought back the iPod Touch

After 4 years of absence, Apple has re-launched the iPod Touch. The only changes are an improved processor and it runs iOS 12.

This is how the latest Apple Watch can record your ECG

Despite the latest Apple Watch being able to read your ECG, you still need to see a medical doctor to get an accurate reading.

Apple announces Shazam will be Ad-free after acquisition is finalized

The European Union has finalized the acquisition of Shazam and Apple has announced it will roll out an Ad-free version.

Some of the popular apps for the iPhone X

A look at some of the latest apps that make the most out of Apple's iPhone X.

The future of music

For many music fans buying costly records or CDs is a quaint and distant memory. It meant collections were limited by budget. Today though, the prevalence of free or cheap streaming and downloading platforms on social media has given music lovers a deafening, near unlimited and often overwhelming choice. Take

The post 4th Industrial Revolution economy

The world around us is changing rapidly and almost every single business model is impacted by the new digital economy. The meteoric rise of the Big Tech firms has established them as the dominant new business models in the post 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) economy. Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft,