Artificial Intelligence

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Algorithms can help us detect fake news

Have you ever read something online and shared it among your networks, only to find out it was false? Using machine learning and natural language processing, researchers are developing an algorithm that can distinguish between real and fake news articles.

Artificial Intelligence in medicine raises legal and ethical concerns

Artificial intelligence could theoretically predict a patient’s opioid use. To ensure that AI truly promotes patient welfare, physicians, researchers and policymakers must recognize its risks and proceed with caution.

Facebook used contractors to transcribe users' audio messages

Facebook has revealed that it hired contractors to transcribe audio messages sent on its Messenger service without users' permission. Apple, Amazon, Google have previously been exposed for doing the same.

This is why you should be worried about facial recognition technology

Facial recognition technology is spreading fast. Here are 10 reasons why you should be worried about facial recognition technology.

Labour laws aren’t ready for the future

Without an update to the rules, more workers will continue to fall outside traditional worker protections – and may even be unaware how vulnerable they really are.

Emerging technologies can be a force for good in Africa

The emerging relationship between new technologies and Africa may be some of the most promising news for the continent. Only if developments “from above” and “from below” involve and satisfy the whole population.

Uganda is installing Huawei's facial recognition cameras

Uganda's Police Force is working with China's Huawei Technologies to install CCTV cameras equipped with facial recognition capabilities. Opposition political parties have raised concerns that this will be used to track and target them.