Artificial Intelligence

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The thought of Big Data watching our every move is a bit unnerving

Everything in our lives is fast becoming digital data. This not only applies to your Internet activity but also to things such as your face being decoded digitally so that it can be uniquely identified by surveillance cameras even when you are in a crowd.

Making the algorithms we create fair

A machine learning expert predicts a new balance between human and machine intelligence is on the horizon. For that to be good news, researchers need to figure out how to design algorithms that are fair.

Artificial Intelligence needs to be regulated

Research, regulation and better Internet connectivity are crucial if Artificial is to live up to its hype. If some of its challenges can be addressed, AI could be instrumental in lifting billions out of poverty.

Shudu - the digitally generated black supermodel and influencer

It seems we have reached the age where computer generated "creations" are replacing humans. Shudu is a black supermodel that is digitally generated and exists only on the Internet, mostly Instagram. She already has earned some paid partnerships as an influencer.'s machine learning helps power youth employment in South Africa, the recently launched behaviour change chat product, has partnered with Mintor, to scale their award-winning youth employment platform in South Africa.

Everything announced at the first Google for South Africa event

Google held the first Google for South Africa event on 7 November 2019 after previously holding 3 Google for Nigeria events. Here is everything announced at the event.

Artificial Intelligence could offer some answers for Africa's rapid urbanization

The United Nations predicts that 60% of African populations will live in cities in 2050. Some experts say Artificial Intelligence can enable sustainable management of this urban boom.