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Jack Ma honors 50 Afrikan wildlife rangers who are fighting poaching

Jack Ma, the founder and Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group, was among those present at the African Ranger Awards to honor 50 rangers who work on the continent to protect wildlife. The awards ceremony was organizes by The Paradise Foundation, a Chinese conservation charity co-led by Jack Ma. Asha

Training Afrikan entrepreneurs to become catalysts for digital transformation

A group of 29 founders and co-founders of platform-based startups in the e-commerce, logistics, FinTech, Big Data, or tourism industfounders across Afrika participated in the eFounders Fellowship programme in Hangzhou, China where Alibaba is headquartered. The entrepreneurs are from 11 different Afrikan countries The eFounders Fellowship is part of a

Data ethics and diversity

If the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal has taught us anything, it’s that the ethical cultures of our largest tech firms need tougher scrutiny. But moral questions about what data should be collected and how it should be used are only the beginning. They raise broader questions about who

Your personal space is now a global network of data

In the digital world, any action we do generates data – whether browsing the internet, answering emails or messaging our friends. Translated into radio waves, this information can travel almost effortlessly through space in a split second. Data are all around us, invisibly occupying the space between ourselves and other objects

3 ways South African companies use data analytics

Analyzing data and providing actionable insights from it has become a common phenomenon. Data and analytics, once buzzwords, are now part of mainstream business jargon. The new conundrum with data is knowing what questions to ask to drive business. Without this, analyzing data becomes a near impossible exercise. It is

Using Data To Make Innovation Decisions

Every 60 seconds, the world creates an average of 98,000 tweets, 695,000 Facebook updates, 11 million instant messages, 168 million e-mails and over 1,820 terabytes of data. The modern day business has to search through all of this to find trends to build products and services to

Big Data Is Fuelling Capacity Building And Impact In Afrika

Data-intensive research is changing the way African researchers can work and the impact they can have. It is also opening up new career paths in the field of data science. By increasing the volume of data that researchers can analyse and work with at any given time, data-intensive technology allows