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This is how Satoshi Nakamoto started Bitcoin 10 years ago

Satoshi Nakamoto proposed Bitcoin in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

This scam used verified Twitter accounts to make over 28 Bitcoins

Promoted tweet scam that impersonated Elon Musk collected over 28 Bitcoins from unsuspecting users.

Bitcoin price manipulation

Evidence of past Bitcoin price manipulation highlights the need to take steps against cryptocurrency fraud.

Luno names Johannesburg as its headquarters for Afrika

Luno announces new Afrika headquarters in Johannesburg.

History of Bitcoin

When you look carefully, the history of Bitcoin can be traced through five key narratives.

Startups could be driver of blockchain-based innovation

Afrikan communities have always come up with inventive solutions to local problems. Take Somalia as an example. The country is said to have one of the largest diaspora populations in the world. It has few commercial banks and relations with international creditors remain fro­zen due to debts incurred in

You should really stop worrying about how much energy Bitcoin uses

The word “bitcoin” is as likely to garner feverish excitement as it is glaring criticism. The financial community sees speculative promise in the form of trade that currently has little to no regulation. Meanwhile, others argue that it’s a distraction that detracts from the overall longevity of U.S.