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Chankura wants to become the largest cryptocurrencies exchange in Afrika

Chankura, which is a kasi (South African township) slang word for money, has ambitions of becoming one of Afrika's leading cryptocurrencies exchanges. Founded by Thabang Mashiloane, the cryptocurrencies exchange states that it allows for the trading of over 40 cryptocurrencies on its exchange including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Zcash, Litecoin,

Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa is hosting #SurfingTheBlock in Durban

The Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa (BECSA), an organization which aims to grow the cryptocurrencies ecosystem in South Africa through education and networking, has announced a list of events that will see it embark on a South Aftica wide tour. First up is the #SurfingTheBlock event which is set to

Cryptocurrencies and their revolutionary architecture

Investment experts have often sceptically dismissed cryptocurrencies as excessively volatile. Technologists have described them as revolutionary. Who is correct? Will cryptocurrencies become a mainstream asset class? First of all, investors shouldn’t fall into the trap of confusing cryptocurrencies with the technologies that make them possible. Blockchain, the technological architecture

Natalie Napier discusses South Africa's draft tax legislation on cryptocurrencies

Afrika has seen policymakers in recent years pronouncing that Bitcoin, and by extension cryptocurrencies, are not legal in their respective countries. Countries such as Zimbabwe, in 2018, have gone as far as having their central bank not only issue a statement that cryptocurrencies are banned, but also seize operations of

Blockchain tokens explained

People are just becoming acquainted with the idea of digital money in the form of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, where transactions are recorded on a secure distributed database called a blockchain. And now along comes a new concept: the blockchain-based token, which I’ve been following as a blockchain researcher and

Vinny Lingham's Civic acquires the domain

Civic has announced that it has acquired the domain The decentralized identity verification company, co-founded by South Africa's Vinny Lingham has said that it intends to use as the new home for its decentralized blockchain-based identity platform that will open up access to on-demand, secure identity

Blockchain-based property registries

Many developing countries don’t have a working system of tracking property rights, and what they do have can be fragile and incomplete. In Haiti, for instance, a large earthquake in 2010 destroyed all the municipal buildings that stored documents confirming many small farmers’ ownership of the land they worked.