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4 Reasons why you are struggling to monetize your startup or side hustle

The world is full of so many people who have great products, but cannot make money out of them. Here are some of the reasons you possibly are not able to monetize your startup or side hustle.

Facial analysis AI can reinforce existing inequalities

Artificial Intelligence and facial analysis software is becoming commonplace in job interviews. We need to be careful because AI can reinforce existing biases in society.

Unemployment vs unpaid internships in Kenya

It takes aggressiveness for one to secure a job. If you need to take up a unpaid internship so that you can secure a job at the end, then do. No one owes you any internship, just like no one owes you a job.

Kenya's dirty telecommunications war

Safaricom has argued against the Airtel and Telkom Kenya merger. This seemingly petty war reflect some of the underlying fight for market dominance that mobile telephone operators have waged for the last 19 years.

Spreadsheets are the oracles of business truth

From the business owner running a lean operation with a small team to the multinational with revenues in the billions, advanced operational spreadsheet knowledge is an indispensable skill that can deliver great benefits if mastered.

Optimism about Africa's startup landscape

Most parts of the continent are still offline. Many still don’t have access to clean energy or even running water. However, there is good reason to be positive as many opportunities still exist that startups can capture and provide solutions for.

Digital technologies are transforming African businesses

Digital technology has created new opportunities for businesses in Africa to compete on a more equal footing. However, these businesses have yet to enjoy the full benefits.