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Africa Data Centers has acquired a Tier IV data center in Johannesburg

With increasing Internet penetration rates across Africa comes the demand for data centers. To this effect, Africa Data Centers has completed the acquisition of a Tier IV data center from Standard Bank in South Africa.

A few guidelines to improve your online meeting experience

Thanks to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, online video meetings are now the norm. Here are a few tips to improve your video meetings experience.

Naspers invests R100 million into South African startup Aerobotics

Naspers has invested R100 million in South African Agritech startup, Aerobotics. Aerobotics is a subscription-based artificial intelligence (AI) company that provides intelligent tools for the agricultural industry to manage crop health and to predict crop yields.

Building resilience into your startup's business model

Black swan events such as the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing reset many things, and the first in line will be the business fundamentals for many sectors.

Andela has laid off approximately 10% of its total staff complement

Andela has announced that it has laid off approximately 10% of its staff complement. According to Andela, the 135 employees who were laid off are non-software engineering staff.

What South Africa's law says about the termination of employment during the COVID-19 pandemic

South African law permits employers to dismiss employees for operational requirements, such as economic needs of the employer. Like all dismissals, COVID-19 related retrenchments must be both procedurally and substantively fair.

Uber discontinues its Uber Eats food delivery service in Egypt

Uber has decided to discontinue Uber Eats in Egypt. Apart from Egypt, Uber Eats will also cease operating in Saudi Arabia, and in the United Arab Emirates, Uber Eats will be merged with Careem.