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South Africa's GovChat signals ambition

Following on from receiving R20 million investment from Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed Capital Appreciation (CA), South African civic technology platform company, GovChat, has now appointed CA's Non-Executive Chairman, Michael Sacks , as its Chairman.

MTN Group to sell JUMIA shares

MTN Group has told iAfrikan that it is more focussed on its commercial relationship with JUMIA rather than holding onto its shareholding. Further reiterating that it is looking to liquidate its e-commerce investments.


Some thoughts on how Kenya Revenue Authority can become more innovative and adopt an open innovation mindset, with the key agenda of opening up core parts of iTax and complementing systems to third parties via robust and secure Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Google's PageRank patent has expired

Originally approved as a patent on 9 January 1998 and invented by Lawrence "Larry" Page, Google's original PageRank algorithm patent has officially expired on 2 June 2019. However, Google has a newer PageRank patent already approved in 2015.

Influencer failed to sell 36 t-shirts

An Instagram influencer with over 2 million followers named Arii failed to sell 36 t-shirts to kick-start her online clothing brand. A great lesson that vanity metrics don't count in business.

Huawei's membership restored

Huawei Technologies' membership to both the SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance has been restored. Both organizations say they have modified the company's membership in compliance with Donald Trump's executive order.

SEACOM added 8 new PoPS

SEACOM has has added 8 new Points of Presence (PoPs) across Africa. The new PoPS will enable more African businesses to connect to cloud facilities worldwide