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Uber discontinues its Uber Eats food delivery service in Egypt

Uber has decided to discontinue Uber Eats in Egypt. Apart from Egypt, Uber Eats will also cease operating in Saudi Arabia, and in the United Arab Emirates, Uber Eats will be merged with Careem.

Ride-hailing's potential to improve public transport

In many cities, ride-hailing apps are luring riders away from public transit and increasing traffic congestion. But with the right rules, they could enhance public transit instead.

Uber's acquisition of Careem stalled in Egypt

Egypt's Competition Authority is stalling Uber's acquisition of Careem.

New regulations for Uber and Careem drivers in Egypt

Egypt's parliament has approved new draft laws for ride-hailing platforms such as Uber and Careem. One of the laws, which hasn't been well received by Uber and Careem drivers, states that ride-hailing apps drivers will be required to have an identifying sticker on their cars at all times, failing which

Egypt's Uber and Careem ban has been reversed

The verdict handed out during March 2018 to ban Uber and Careem in Egypt has been nullified and reversed by the northern Afrikan country's Urgent Affairs Court. The judgment by the Urgent Affairs Court was handed down on 7 April 2018. On 20 March 2018, Egypt's Admistrative Court delivered a

Uber will appeal a court decision to ban it in Egypt

A few days after Egypt's Administrative Court ruled in favour of taxi drivers to ban Uber and Careem, Uber has come out saying it intends to appeal the ban. The court handed down the ruling on 20 March 2018 and stated that it is effective with immediate effect. Egypt's Administrative

Administrative Court in Egypt has banned Uber and Careem with immediate effect

In what is likely to be a huge blow to the two ride hailing platforms in Egypt, Uber and Careem, the North Afrikan country's Administrative Court has issued a verdict that they should be prohibited from operating. The verdict was handed down on 20 March 2018 and is effective with