City Power Johannesburg

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South Africa's "Smart Cities" and cybersecurity

With President Cyril Ramaphosa’s determination to transform South Africa into a full digital society through the premise of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the development of smart cities. The country's legal framework needs to catch-up so it is cyber ready.

Cyberattack that caused an electricity blackout

Cyber criminals took control of the City Power Johannesburg's network and systems which prevented residents from purchasing electricity. A warning to South Africa's Government and corporates that they are not immune to cyberattacks.

City Power Johannesburg ransomware recovery update

City Power Johannesburg has issued a statement on their progress regarding restoration of its IT systems following a ransomware attack. It says most of its IT systems were affected by the "virus."

City Power Johannesburg hit by ransomware

South African power utility, City Power Johannesburg, has been hit by ransomware. This has resulted in its systems going offline and citizens not being able to purchase electricity.