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Cobalt demand is booming but miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo remain unprotected

Artisanally mined cobalt in the DRC often gets mixed with industrial production when it is sold to intermediaries in the open market. Typically, it is then shipped to refineries in China for further processing and then sold to battery manufacturers around the world.

Demand for raw materials for rechargeable electric car batteries is set to rise

According to a new research report, the demand for raw mineral resources used to manufacture rechargeable batteries especially for electric vehicles will grow rapidly as the importance of oil as a source of energy recedes.

Possible future of fashion events as inspired by the DRC's Anifa Mvuemba

With lockdowns imposed globally as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fashion industry has been unable to organize events to showcase the latest fashion. Aifa Mvuemba from the DRC could have the solution.

Apple, Tesla, Alphabet, Dell, and Microsoft sued for benefitting from child mining

Several families in the Democratic Republic of Congo have filed a lawsuit in the USA against Big Tech companies for benefitting from cobalt child mining. Apple, Tesla, Alphabet (owners of Google), Dell, and Microsoft have been named as defendants.

Thanks to cobalt, electric cars and smartphones are sparking a new form of goldΒ rush

What’s in your stuff? Most of us give no thought to the materials that make modern life possible. Yet technologies such as smart phones, electric vehicles, large screen TVs and green energy generation depend on a range of chemical elements that most people have never heard of. Until the

Developing cobalt-free batteries

A New York-based startup, Conamix, has finalized $2 million in a Series A funding round to continue with developing batteries that do not require cobalt. The Series A funding is said to be a part of an $8 million funding comittment from Volta Energy Technologies and other companies. Conamix is

The Democratic Republic of Congo declared cobalt and coltan strategic mineral

The Democratic Republic of Congo has declared cobalt and coltan strategic mineral resources. This is according to the advisor to the DRC's Prime Minister, Jean Nkunza, after the country's new mining codes were signed into law by President Joseph Kabila on 9 March 2018. By declaring both cobalt and coltan