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How Libra is different from Bitcoin

Recent revelations about the lack of privacy protections in place at the companies involved in Facebook’s new Libra crytocurrency raise concerns about how much trust users can place in Libra.

Blockchain could reduce modern slavery

Blockchain technology can help break the chains of modern slavery, however, it is not a complete solution.

Binance launched its own blockchain

The world's largest cryptocurrencies exchange has gone ahead and launched its own blockchain to compete with Ethereum.

How Bitcoin is helping the unbanked

Over the past decade, Bitcoin has been of great help to those who have little to no access to traditional financial services.

Where are cryptocurrencies making a difference?

The advent of cryptocurrencies is starting to have a profound effect on both financial markets and in everyday life. Blockchain technology that acts as a platform for the transacting business with cryptocurrencies has already been embraced by a number of very important industries all across the world. While the concept

How blockchain technology can improve cybersecurity

As technology gets better, hackers get better in their threats and plots. The only good news is that the hackers can never outsmart the entire tech-savvy population.

People generally don’t trust blockchain technology

Blockchain technology was supposed to make trust unnecessary – but that turns out not to be true. Most people will want laws and regulations to help make blockchain-based systems trustworthy.