Cyber crime

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Increase in SIM swap fraud across Africa

In South Africa, SIM swap fraud more than doubled in the last year, according a report of South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC).

Nigerian authorities arrested 32 alleged Yahoo Boys in a sting operation

Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission says it arrested 32 suspected Yahoo Boys (Internet fraudsters), during an early morning sting operation.

How Nigeria's popular music portrays Yahoo Boys

Hip-hop artists in Nigeria unpack the realities of the country's cyber fraudsters.

How fraudsters made money by intercepting e-mails

Consumers suffer huge financial losses as fraudsters intercept e-mails.

Increasing cyber threats against South African businesses

Each year cyber security attacks become bigger, more severe, and more costly to recover from, but their occurrence is one which most South African organisations are worryingly unprepared for.

FBI takes down Nigerian-based phishing scheme that cost businesses $14 million

The FBI's Operation WireWire made 74 arrests, including 29 in Nigeria, a further 42 in the USA, and three individuals that were based in Canada, Poland and Mauritius respectively.

Over 80% of home Wi-Fi routers have known security vulnerabilities

No surprises as research reveals over 80% of home Wi-Fi routers have known vulnerabilities.