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Cameroon’s tax platform suffered a cyberattack

The digital platform used by the government of Cameroon for the management of taxes is said to have suffered what has been qualified by some as a major cyberattack.

Africa's cyber insecurity risk

COVID-19 is influencing increased internet use in Africa, but a study shows increased cyberattacks in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. According to some cybersecurity professionals, the lack of cybersecurity laws in Africa is partly to blame.

Exploring an African approach and strategies to cybersecurity

In this episode of the Tech Legal Matters podcast, you will hear insights from various stakeholders across Africa and the Middle East as they discuss how their countries' governments handle cybersecurity and how they attempt to have a coordinated plan.

Richard Kiarie explains how Kenya's government approaches cybersecurity

In this episode of the Tech Legal Matters podcast, we get to hear from Richard Kiarie, Principal ICT Officer/Head, Policy and Research Unit, Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, on how Kenya's government approaches national cybersecurity.

How to teach children about cybersecurity

Password education should be age appropriate and these best practice principles should help adults to teach the principles to children in an age-appropriate way.

Building a secure African digital ecosystem

World Cyber Security Summit - Africa succeeded in bringing in fresh narratives, innovative ideas and awareness on key areas such as cyber threat intelligence, data governance, data privacy and cyber regulations in the African region.

The problem with cheap Android smartphones

African governments need to regulate which smartphone manufacturers can sell devices. The unknown brands of mobile phones pose the highest risks as far as preloaded malware and bloatware is concerned. They also don't have spare parts readily available.