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Where governments fail, online vigilantes and private security companies are policing the Internet

Online private policing activity has been largely ignored by researchers and politicians. Yet it is already creating some significant issues that need addressing.

Cybersecurity threats that are gaining traction in Kenya

People continue to fall victim to various mobile phone orchestrated scams. There are new trends that leave gullible Kenyans exposed in today’s online world.

Building a cyber-resilient Kenya

Cyber attacks on Kenya doubled so far during 2019. Kenya Computer Incident Response Team revealed that they have so far intercepted 52 million cyber-attacks targeting critical infrastructure in Kenya during 2019 so far.

Cyberattacks are comparable to a nuclear weapon

If the world is to hold off major cyberattacks – including some with the potential to be as damaging as a nuclear strike – it will be up to each person, each company, each government agency to work on its own and together to secure the vital systems on which people’s lives depend.

Defending against cyberattacks

Despite the uncertainties – and dangers – of retaliating against suspected cyberattackers, a surprising number of companies and countries are exploring doing just that.

Technology trends that are likely to reshape the business landscape in 2019

A look at some of the technology trends that are likely to shape the business landscape during 2019.

Increasing cyber threats against South African businesses

Each year cyber security attacks become bigger, more severe, and more costly to recover from, but their occurrence is one which most South African organisations are worryingly unprepared for.